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ST. JOSEPH school committee



The School Committee is established to advise and assist the pastor and school administrator in the operation and governance of the school.

School Committee meetings are generally on the 4th Tuesday of the month September through May.


The committee has collaborative responsibilities in the following areas:

A. Assist with accreditation planning.

B. Review policies in student handbook.

C. Review yearly tuition and registration fees.

D. Assist with interviewing and recommending a new school administrator.

E. Assist with interviewing new teacher positions.

F.  Advise on new policies.

G. Consult with faculty before any policy is changed.

H. Consultation and information sharing with all other school groups.  

Find the full guidelines HERE.

2021-2022 SCHOOL


Judy Jax, Parish Rep

Brian Nodolf

Corinn Wengel

Megan Corcoran

Jessica Wayne

Mary Kiefer

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