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Please bring frozen meals in containers designed for freezer use. We cannot accept meals in containers that originally contained food (Cool Whip, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.) 


Please attach a label to each item.


Click here for a LABEL to print or pick some up at the church entrances.


Thank You!



Friendship Kitchen




What is it?     Friendship Kitchen is a frozen meal ministry offered by and to the parishioners of our parish. Our parish is generous in so many ways! We’d like to extend that generosity to our parish family by helping each other with meals when an individual or family experiences a temporary life event such as a surgery, illness, new baby, or new home.


How will it work?   It’s simple!


Grab a Friendship Kitchen Meal Label from one of the church entrances or print it off from this page.


The next time you are making a meal for yourself or family, simply make an extra portion (or two!). Freeze the extra portions in single serving containers designed for the freezer. (See photo for examples.)


Deliver the frozen meal (with label attached) to Friendship Kitchen (located in the side room Friendship House across the street from the Parish Center; on the corner of Wilson Ave. and 9th St.) on any Wednesday evening between 5-7 PM or 1/2 hour before the

4 pm Mass on Saturdayof the first full weekend of the month (dates and times will be published in the bulletin calendar). 


A volunteer will be on hand to take the meal, make sure it is labeled, and get it in the freezer.


How can I pick up a meal for myself or another parishioner? Pick-up times for meals are also on Wednesday evenings from 5-7 PM at Friendship Kitchen. A volunteer will be happy to assist you. 


Questions: Contact Joyce Uhlir 715.235.5676, Georgia Stockman 716.239.2822

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