WEEKEND MASS ATTENDANCE IS CURRENTLY LIMITED TO 200 PEOPLE (including all ministers/volunteers). Please call the Parish Center by 3:00 PM on Thursdays to sign up to attend a weekend Mass. 

Parish Center Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


*Due to the pandemic, we are keeping the number of people in the building to a minimum. If possible, please call before you stop. Masks are required in the building.

Mass + Church Schedule

The Church is open Monday-Friday from 7 AM-3 PM for prayer


3:30 PM Private Confession (screen or face-to-face available)

4:00 PM Mass (watch on Facebook & the Online Mass page)


8:30 AM Mass

10:15 AM Mass

7:00 PM Mass (will return fall 2021 UW-Stout is in session)


No Mass; church open 7 AM-3 PM for private prayer


8:00 AM-3:00 PM Adoration (in the church)

12:00 PM Mass


12:00 PM Mass


Mass is at The Neighbors of Dunn County (at this time Mass is for residents only, no visitors are allowed in the buildings)


9:00 AM Mass (watch on Facebook & the Online Mass page)