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Mission Statement

We, the members of St. Joseph Catholic Church, baptized into the body of Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit, are called:

+ To form ourselves in the Gospel and the teachings of the Church

+ To continue the work of Jesus as we serve in our home, in our community, in the church and in the world

+ To celebrate the sacramental life, especially the Eucharist, until the Lord comes in glory

Welcome to our Parish and School!
Deriving our strength from the Eucharist, we are committed to the following:
+ Preaching the Gospel by word and example
+ Educating members of all ages in our Parish community in the Catholic Faith
+ Providing welcome, comfort and support to the vulnerable among us, especially the poor
+ Creating a spirit of evangelization in the community, encouraging newcomers to belong and those who may be alienated to feel welcome 
We are here to welcome you. We are here to help you "Prepare for Eternal Life by becoming more like Christ today." Look around! And please contact us

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