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ST. JOSEPH parent teacher organization



Jen Parker, President                                  Stef Jax, Treasurer                


Brittany Heike, Fundraiser Coordinator     Denise Manny, Secretary                  

Mary Kiefer, Principal

MEETINGS: Parents are always welcome to attend SJPTO meetings. Meetings are held at 6:00 PM on scheduled dates in the Parish Center Conference Room. Watch the weekly packet for the upcoming meeting dates and the agenda. 

Click on the date to read the Minutes and Principal Notes from past meetings: 

November 8, 2022

January 24, 2023

EVENT GROUPS: Parents, as members of STPTO, are asked to choose an event group or groups from the list below in which to be involved. Some groups continue to operate differently due to the pandemic.


Family Social Events         Hospitality & Outreach


Teacher Appreciation       Student Treats


Annual Fundraiser            Service

Parent Education & Student Programming



Purpose: Parent-teacher organization to support families, teachers, classrooms and most of all the students.

Membership: All St. Joe's school families are automatically members. Parents, as members of SJPTO, are asked to choose an Event Group/Groups to be involved in: hosting a family fun night, planning the annual fundraiser, bringing in a guest speaker or planning a fun program for the school day. Event groups are formed to work together to complete the task(s). The Executive Board is in place to be a resource and support the Event Groups.

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